Welcome to Darkhorse Group - a brainchild of Debojo Sanjiv, an experienced professional in the field of advertising, brand-building and mass communications. Sanjiv has developed almost 1000+ communication campaigns in multiple mediums of media including 100+ TVCs for many domestic and international brands. While spending 2 decades in the business of building brands, Sanjiv has also found his interest in creating content and writing stories. His press articles have been published in many newspapers and magazines.
Darkhorse is one of the youngest creative houses today. Here, our motto is to create effective communication that yields positive business results. We believe that creativity should serve a real and tangible purpose. This is the belief that led us to create Darkhorse. We are a bunch of young creative minds who have come together under one roof to board a fantastic journey of creativity and ideas.
We create marketing communication campaigns for advertising press, magazine, radio, outdoor and digital platforms. We also churn out content for entertainment businesses especially TV & films, providing special services to develop innovative marketing strategies & creative for feature films comprising both, pre and post selling. This includes creating effective promo films & making of the video for mass consumption.
We believe that life is a race and one has to be in it to win it. This is what drives us from the core of what we do and who we are - the Darkhorse in this race.


We focus on helping corporate to create and develop brand for effective communication solutions that help them more cost effectively achieve their goals. These solutions mostly involve new age mediums of advertising and brand building mechanisms.

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Corporate Identity Programme

Work Case Study

Darkhorse C3 is a proprietary strategic tool that helps any corporate brand or feature film as well as its people to create an impactful brand story that lasts with the desired Target Group and thus makes them ready to accept the brand, film story & people psychologically.


The Strategic Tool
Isolates/identifies three important things for corporate/film makers/investors:

  1. How are the business opportunity and the contribution of marketing related?
  2. What is the typical "lifecycle" of consumers' decisions, encounters and experiences with the category and your brand - from consideration to consumption?
  3. Who are the most important and impactful "source of growth" consumer segments to engage with and why/when?

Every good story need to be told well. The same way, every feature film needs to be marketed well to reach the right as well as a wider audience. It is required not only after completion of project, but is also necessary to activate this before the project takes off. This is where Darkhorse comes into the picture. Its forte is to connect the product to the right audiences.



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